Who can become a FerratumP2P investor?

EU citizens
18+ years old
Valid bank account

To become a FerratumP2P investor, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a European citizen or a citizen of a European Free Trade Association country. You must also have a bank account authorised and regulated in the European Union or a European Free Trade Association country, and the bank account must be in your name, except as restricted by the guidelines in your country of origin.

Loan sources

Ferratum Business loans


Since 2015, Ferratum Business has been helping small and medium enterprises grow their business by providing quick and easy working capital loans.

Ferratum Business offers small and medium enterprises the ability to loan up to €100,000 with 6 – 12-month terms available. Small and medium businesses use the funds to purchase inventory, finance their expansion, market their business, and lease equipment.

Two of the conditions for the loan are that businesses must have an annual turnover of at least €75,000 and have been in operation for at least two years.

At present, SME loans are available in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Ferratum Money Prime Loan


Ferratum Money´s Prime Loan is a traditional fixed instalment loan whereby customers can borrow between €3,000 and €20,000 with a loan term of up to 10-years.

Prime Loans have fixed monthly payments which makes repayments easy. The cost of the loan depends on the loan amount and term, and our risk-based pricing means interest rates are based on our assessment of the individual customer.

The maximum term for loans under €5,000 is five years, the maximum term for loans under €10,000 is seven years, and the maximum APR for Prime Loans is 55.56%.

Investing step-by-step

1. Onboarding

All that´s required to register (aka “onboard”) with FerratumP2P is an e-mail address. When you´re ready to invest, you will onboard via our Onboarding Wizard application where you enter your personal information, address, bank account details, and upload copies of your documents. Investing through FerratumP2P is available to anyone over 18 years of age and who is a European Union citizen or a citizen of a European Free Trade Association country. Investors must also have a bank account authorised and regulated in the European Union or a European Free Trade Association country, and the bank account must be in his or her name.

2. Uploading documents

To onboard, you will need your ID card or passport containing your photo, as well as a secondary ID document with a photograph such as a driver’s licence or passport. If your ID documents do not include your address, you will need to upload a document issued by a state authority substantiating your permanent address (e.g. a statement issued by the Social Security Administration Board, a letter from the Internal Revenue Service). Unfortunately, your address cannot be substantiated with a utility bill such as a gas or electricity bill. Please note that copies of your documents will be archived for a period of 10 years. You can transmit the documents as pictures (i.e. jpeg, png, gif). The size is limited to 5 MB per picture. If you are unable to upload your documents successfully, please contact our Customer Service. Presenting your ID documents is important for client identification and is required by Act No. 253/2008, the Measures Against Legalisation of Proceeds from Criminal Activities and Financing Terrorism Act.

3. Bank account

As part of the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide us with your bank account details. To verify bank account ownership, we will need a digital copy of your bank statement displaying your name and account ownership details. You may, of course, hide the account balance and any transactional information.

The bank account you provide us during the onboarding process will be your default bank account which will be used for all transactions. After completing the onboarding process, under My Profile you can add additional bank accounts in different currencies. Similarly, we will require bank statements for each account to verify ownership. Under My Profile, you can also remove bank accounts. Once an account is removed, it will no longer be visible under My Profile, however, upon your request, we can reactivate removed accounts.

4. Contract signing

The last step of the onboarding process is where you will sign a contract for investing with FerratumP2P. We recommend you read the contract and all related documents carefully including the General Business Terms and Conditions, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

5. Completing the onboarding process

Once you have completed the onboarding process and confirmed your details, we will review your documents. Once we have reviewed your documents, you will receive confirmation of your account between 1 and 3 working days.

6. Transferring money

When your account has been approved, you will receive a Variable Symbol which must be used whenever sending funds. All your payment information will be accessible via My Account, under Cash Account – Add Funds.

Transferring funds to the investment account takes between 1 and 3 days.

Investors can invest in various currencies, and funds are transferred in the currency of the corresponding bank account.

You can transfer funds in one of two ways:

From a bank account held in your name which has been verified by us and is added to My Profile – Bank Accounts

By using the Paysera, TransferWise or similar services

To prevent money laundering, we are only able to accept funds under the following three conditions:

You have specified the correct variable symbol

The account holder name is the same as your name

If you use the services of Paysera or TransferWise, we will ask you to substantiate that the funds originated from your account (by presenting a payment order or a bank statement).

If payments do not meet the above conditions, funds will be returned to the payer’s account.

7. Investing

Loans offered on the FerratumP2P platform are active loans from Ferratum Group products which it administers and collects from its debtors. Every loan application undergoes a strict review and approval process which includes credit scoring. Approved Ferratum Group loans with medium to long maturities are then offered as investments through Ferratum P2P. You may start investing as soon as your application has been approved and you have transferred funds for investing into the investment account.

Basic - is intended for those who are looking for a carefree investment, or perhaps don’t have experience with investments. With a single click, an investor invests in all available loans. With our guarantee to buyback 100% of all unpaid loans, there is no risk to the investor.

Advanced - is aimed at more advanced investors. In this mode, investors have the option to browse each loan, optimise yields, and decide where they to put their money.

Automatic - is where investors can set investment filters and our automated system will take care of the rest.

API (Application Programming Interface) - mode allows investors to invest through their own API connection or other software application. Advanced IT knowledge is necessary for this mode

If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw from any investment, you may do so within 14 days of when the investment was made. You will your money back minus any pay-outs you may have received.

8. Instalments

It is our aim to ensure that debtors repay their loans and on time. If a debtor is in arrears with a repayment instalment, we notify them immediately. In most cases where debtors fail to make an instalment on time, it is due to an oversight on their part.

However, in general, if after issuing a reminder, a debtor does not make payment, the loan is defaulted and passed to a collection agency who specialises in such matters.

Depending on the loan type, the debtor may have the option to repay the loan before its maturity date, in which case the debtor only pays the interest which accrued until the loan was repaid, and not the interest for the full loan term.

The debtor may also spread the loan over a longer term, or increase the amount borrowed.

If the debtor is 60 days in default, Ferratum will automatically refund the investor 100% of the unpaid principal in the form of a buyback. The investment will then be closed.

Instalments are distributed among investors in proportion to the investors´ shares. This amount is then credited to the investors´ investment account.

You can view a list of the instalments paid under My Investments.

Although through Basic Mode investors are able to invest in multiple loans simultaneously, investments are always made into individual loans.

Under My Investments, you see a full list of investments in individual loans, as well as view statistics for each loan.

9. Buyback

Let´s look at an example of a €1,000 investment of into a loan with a 100% buyback. Say, a borrower made regular repayments on their loan but after paying €400 on the principal amount and €50 in interest, the borrower stopped repaying his/her loan. As a result, there is now an unpaid principal amount of €600. Ferratum will pay the investor 100% of the balance of the unpaid principal, which is 600 EUR. In this example, the investor invested €1,000 and received a total of €1,050

10. Managing your investment account

All transactions performed through FerratumP2P including deposits, withdrawals, investments, and instalments can be tracked in section Cash Account.

Money which has not been invested into loans can be transferred to your bank account at any time. You can transfer the money to any of your bank accounts which have been approved via My Profile – Bank Accounts.

You can request a withdrawal via Cash Account – Money Withdrawal. The request for withdrawal will immediately be reflected in your investment account, however, the actual transfer will occur next working day. You will receive confirmation by e-mail and text message (SMS) when the money has been transferred to your account.